WOTD: Cast Your Care – Joyce Meyer

Is there something in your life that you could be very worried and anxious about if you didn’t decide not to be? Most people do, and if you don’t have something today, you might have something tomorrow or the next day. That’s not being negative, it’s just saying that life is real and you never know exactly what is going to come your way. But we do know God, and we don’t have to live in fear. He is with us and He’s on our side.

A lot of bad things happened to me in the early years of my life, and I got to the point where I was afraid that bad things would happen. Proverbs 15:15 calls that “evil forebodings,” which means you have this sense that you are waiting for the next disaster. I’ve learned that instead of doing that, I can expect something good to happen in my life and to expect it on purpose.

You can choose your own thoughts. You don’t have to just think whatever falls in your head. You can cast out wrong thoughts and choose right thoughts. Faith starts in our hearts, as a gift from God, but it is released when we think and speak right things that line up with God’s Word. When we have a problem, we can either do what the devil wants us to do and worry about it, get anxious and try to figure things out on our own, or we can do what God wants us to do and think about the promises in His Word.

The Bible teaches us to cast all of our care on God because He cares for us (see 1 Peter 5:7).

Throughout our married life, every time we’ve had a problem, Dave has had one answer: “Cast your care.” It’s not wrong to acknowledge our problems, but we need to tell them where they stand in relation to God. Worry sees the problem, but faith sees the God Who can handle the problem.

Trust in Him
Will you worry and have anxiety today, or will you cast your care and choose to trust God instead?

Memory Verse: All the days of the afflicted are evil, But he who is of a merry heart has a continual feast. (Proverbs 15:15 NKJV)

From the book Trusting God Day by Day by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2012 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.


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