WOTD: Receiving The Holy Spirit-Joyce Meyer

In Acts 1:8 Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit will also come upon us, giving us power (ability, efficiency and might) to be Christ’s witnesses to the ends of the earth.

Many Christians follow all the “right” rules, but wonder: “Is this all there is?” As a young Christian, I experienced that same emptiness. Doing the right things brought temporary happiness but not deep, satisfying joy.

I cried out: “God, something is missing!’ To my surprise, I heard the audible voice of God and I knew He was about to move in my life.

Only a few hours later Jesus filled me with the presence of the Holy Spirit in a way that I had never before experienced, and everything changed. I felt His power in my life in a new way.

When you spend time with God daily and receive His Holy Spirit, you’re not signing up for a scary, weird experience. You are simply receiving His power to be more like Jesus and His wisdom to walk through ordinary events.

Don’t be afraid of new things, just make sure they are biblical. I believe that God desires to take you to new heights in Him through the power of daily interaction with His Holy Spirit. He is knocking at the door of your heart. Will you open it wide and welcome Him?
Stay Blessed.


About Nana Kwame(NVNV KWV3E)

still finding myself, with every piece i write i find a new clue, in the end they'll come together and fit together like glue, to become ME
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